It has been more than a decade since I have started my gluten free journey. I have gone from sudden onset severe arthritis and night sweats to a manageable condition. In the process I have found that gluten is a major inflammatory component of my personal health issue. I was able to manage for a time without arthritis drugs by simply going gluten free. Once I went gluten free, and noticed some of the more obvious changes, I found out I should have been gluten free since grade school.

2015 is the year that I'd state a gluten free lifestyle is finally mainstream. You have seen it made lite of it in movies and television in bad taste (pun!). 2015 is the year that a product that should have been gluten free all along has finally made the leap, Cheerios. Ironically General Mills almost immediately issued a recall for wheat in the new Cheerios formula. I'm glad I didn't have one of the possible problem boxes. I'll eat Cheerios, but I do not want to subsist on it. It is a product that is 70 years old and it finally decided to change up manufacturing to go gluten free. That is a big deal!

There are corporations that have been treating gluten free eating as an opportunity rather than a burden. For more than a decade prior, Walt Disney World has been handling all sorts of special diet needs with varying levels of success and thumbs up from me. The story goes, from a chat I had with a Disney Special Diets Chef, is that then president of Walt Disney World had difficultly finding meals that were not detrimental to his health condition. Heart, I believe, without looking it up. An internal change took place and continues to evolve within Disney and has spread to other parks. While some people I know have issues with the Disney umbrella of corporations, I really have to credit Disney for truly making a vacation experience that can includes everyone in your traveling party.

Today I can find some gluten free food in most local grocery stores. I no longer struggle eating out, although my choices in locations are very limited. Any corporation that is unable and unwilling to provide accurate allergen information should probably be boycotted by all for general safety sake alone. It is far less common to state the need for a gluten free meal to a waiter to then be presented with a list of diabetic safe options. At one time Google top of the listed this website for the search term "Gluten Free Disney". Now you can find many sites with articles about Disney and food allergy support, and about allergies and eating out. The allergy outlook and awareness definitely is up and it is time stop focusing on being envious about what cannot be had and instead focus on food that often tastes better now then it's wheat filled alter ego. I can even find completely dedicated gluten free bakeries, I just wish they were affordable for daily visits.

Awareness may be up, but I know I still have some level of anxiety traveling with food allergies. I have a collection of tips and quips at my new blog.

I would like to invite you to visit my blog, Allergy Tours, where I talk about my three favorite things, Food, Travel, and Disney, who have made allergy travel easy for many years.